Month: March 2017

Chaminade Outreach Inspires Keiki to Pursue Science

Encouraging Hawaii keiki to pursue science and mathematics as a college and career path is the goal of “I Am A Scientist,” a Chaminade University mobile outreach program. Now in its eighth year, the program recently achieved a notable milestone. More than 10,000 school children have benefitted from the program, which makes science entertaining yet educational through hands-on projects for different grade levels. At last count, the program tallied over 300 classroom visits, 21 visits to Chaminade teaching laboratories, 19 community events and more than 4,300 volunteer hours. “This represents a lot of effort and devotion by a lot...

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Chaminade Professor Connects Education to the Greek Polis

The Faculty Center featured Chaminade professor of Historical and Political Studies Lilia Castle, Ph.D. as its guest presenter for its Vita in Verbo – Life in the Word series. In her presentation on Monday, Feb. 27, Dr. Castle explored the importance of paideia or education in ancient Greek philosophy.  She discussed the importance of education in relationship to the identity of the Greek polis by building on the writings of Plato and Aristotle. Polis, which literally means ‘city’ in Greek, can also mean a body of citizens. “Paideia in ancient Greece referred to education (nurturing, training, cultivating, refinement). An idea of paideia covered the same semantic field today as the culture discerned as natural and cultural. Education...

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‘CSI: Chandler’? Alumna Doss Could be the Star

A love of science and a fascination with the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” television franchise drew Chelcey Doss to Chaminade University of Honolulu. Now, after earning her Forensic Science B.S. degree in 2015 with a minor in Chemistry, Doss does more than watch CSI shows on TV. She’s out in the field conducting official crime scene investigations for the Chandler Police Department in Arizona. CSI work is “not quite as glamorous” as Hollywood portrays it, admits Doss, who just marked her one-year anniversary with the police department. But CSI is a rewarding career that’s vitally important to public safety and...

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