Month: February 2018

A “Homecoming” Away From Home

On a chilly February evening in Washington, D.C., a group of about 50 people — donning lei and armed with pupu — gathered for a pau hana party with a purpose. At first appearances, the turnout might have been described as eclectic: Some young up-and-comers, some mid-career professionals and some retirees. But it wouldn’t take an observer very long to figure out their common source of pride: Drinks in hand, attendees sported Silversword athletics gear or waved pennants. The Alumni Meet-up in DC is among a number of gatherings Chaminade organizes each year in Hawaii and on the mainland...

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GM of Tissue Genesis Discusses Philanthropic Values in Business

The Hogan Program had another memorable evening! This time, with guest speaker Anton Krucky, co-founder, President and General Manager of Tissue Genesis (TG), leading authority in adipose cell therapy and delivery systems. TG’s technologies have flown on 18 space shuttle missions for NASA and are currently being used to treat patients in 6 human clinical trials here on Earth. TG strives to provide wealth within the community and to change lives through clinical trials such as muscle regeneration, cosmetics, and even research of the behavior of live tissues in a microgravity environment. TG also creates opportunity for Hawaii’s brightest....

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Finding Your Passion and Creating Your Business Around It

It was an honor to hear from Shelley Wilson, President of Wilson Care Group, Hawaii’s largest private-duty home health care service provider. Having grown up from a farm in Iowa, Shelley wanted more out of life and joined the U.S. Army after graduating from high school. Shortly after joining the military, she was involved in a car accident that broke bones in many parts of her body. She was only 18 years old and was hospitalized for a year. Time is precious and with a second chance in life, Shelley wanted to make an impact. It is through her...

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Sticking to Business Fundamentals

This past Wednesday’s Hogan speaker session was a memorable one! We heard from a successful entrepreneur who found motivation and a more positive outlook in life when he broke his neck and was paralyzed at a young age. He lifted weights, participated in marathons, and continued to risk it all. This inspirational individual was Mr. Mike Irish, Hawaii’s “kim chee king,” and CEO of Halm’s Enterprises and Diamond Head Seafood Company. As a businessman, Mr. Irish is always driven to succeed. He has found success in real estate, the hotel industry, and in his latest pursuit of the kim...

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First Employer Breakfast Strengthens Chaminade’s Partnerships with Local and National Companies

To better connect Chaminade University with local and national companies, the campus Office of Advising and Career Development recently hosted its first Employer Breakfast at Clarence T.C. Ching Hall. The event drew 68 visitors – including human relations managers – from companies such as Bristol Hospice Hawaii, Aflac Hawaii, Whole Foods Market and ProService Hawaii. Career Specialist Megan Robison, who organized the breakfast, said the gathering was a way to “connect with employers face-to-face, to let them know what was happening with the university and how they could partner.” “We spend so much time connecting electronically,” Robison said, “and...

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