Month: April 2018

Na Liko Na’auao, Celebrating Student Scholars

Established in 2002, Na Liko Na’auao is an undergraduate conference which celebrates student scholars from across all academic disciplines. Hosted by the Office of Health Professions Advising and Undergraduate Research, students participating in the conference deliver academic presentations showcasing a project from the past year through oral and/or visual presentations. A conference which celebrates all student scholars, students may present research projects as well as creative work in both visual and performing arts. During this year’s event, President Dr. Lynn Babington, defined a scholar as “A person with a desire to pursue and learn new things; a person on...

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Learning Never Stops

Ken Kakesako’s professional life was a bit different years back when he was deputy director of Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture. Then, he spent his days at hearings and briefings advocating for agriculture issues. Now, the 36-year-old brings science alive to middle schoolers and is involved with after-school activities that enrich the educational experience. When the desire to become a teacher hit Kakesako, Chaminade University made it easy for him to continue working while pursing his Master of Education. The program was appealing because he was able to continue to support his family by day and chip away at coursework...

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Celebrating the 2018 Co-Curricular Awards

Education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge, but about fostering – and nurturing – character. At Chaminade, we strive to develop the whole student and create leaders of tomorrow. Celebrating student leadership and involvement, as well as individual and organizational accomplishments, the 2018 Co-Curricular Awards held its annual dinner honoring the awardees. The event was on April 18 in the Clarence T.C. Ching Conference Center and recognized 22 students, one staff member and two student organizations. 2018 CO-CURRICULAR AWARDS Awards present by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Bro. Joseph Becker Awards of Excellence: Freshman: Andrew Ancheta Sophomore: Clarissa...

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If Teaching is Your Passion, Save Time and Money with Our New 4+1 Program

Over the past decade there has been a consistent increase in the number of students enrolling in graduate programs. For some it is a requirement in their job field. For others, it is the desire to earn more money, those with master’s degrees earn on average 23 percent more than those with bachelor’s degrees. Others are just looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. No matter the reason, making the decision to pursue an advanced degree means committing to more school and paying more tuition. It also means delaying entry into the workforce. Imagine being able...

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A World of Opportunity

Nerisa Taua doesn’t believe in waiting for opportunity to come knocking, it’s time wasted. Instead, she hunts it down. Taua – who will graduate from Chaminade University in May with a bachelor’s in Environmental Studies – has knocked on a few of opportunity’s doors during the past four years. On the academic front, she found her true passion through Chaminade’s Summer Research Program. While other students soaked up the sun, Taua spend her summer at Purdue University collaborating with experts in the university’s bat lab. Alongside Associate Professor of Wildlife Science Patrick Zollner – who became one of her...

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