It was the last week of classes, and the traditional stress storms had hit the campus with a flurry of craziness. Deadlines, unfinished papers, misbehaving printers, readings, chapter reviews and last minute questions for professors compounded by events to attend and job responsibilities stirred up a maddening spirit across the campus. Oh, what’s an exasperated student to do?

The Chaminade Student Programming Board (CSPB) created some healthy ways to release those tensions from May 1-5, the last week of classes. Crazy fun and playful distractions provided students with opportunities to shake off their distress.

The board launched the week with an inflatable obstacle course and a free barbecue lunch on Monday.  Students and faculty members kicked off their shoes and rushed up a balloon mountain, sliding down again.  Many did it over and over again, breaking into a mild cardiovascular sweat. The physical relief from some strenuous exercise made students smile again, and then to do it with their faculty members added cheers and laughter to the noise of the crowd on the library lawn.

The Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA) also introduced its newly-elected board on Monday at the barbecue. Serving in 2017-2018 are Ashlee Navarro (president), Rena Pascual (executive vice president), Jenny Rose Anacan (vice president of Programming), Tyler Cartaino (vice president of Finance), Marvin Trantham (vice president of Communications), Mica Mariano (vice president of Internal Affairs), and Filmore Timothy (chair of the House of Representatives).

On Tuesday, the programming board set up a mini golf putt course on the lawn between Henry Hall and Clarence T. C. Ching Hall.  Focusing their attentions on their game seemed to refresh students as they forgot their cares and sucked on free Jui Moi pops. Ah, the power of play!

On Wednesday, 200 students enjoyed free smoothies from Jamba Juice and healthy snacks, served at the CSGA office in Clarence T. C. Ching Hall.  The free pick-me-uppers energized the students for the next mile of their academic marathon. CSPB and Residence Hall Association (RHA) also offered an evening at David & Buster’s for some additional fun and relief.

On Thursday morning at Henry Hall Courtyard, Koa Café provided a commuter breakfast for students. The menu included fried rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, Portuguese sausage and guava lava mochi waffles. Students were grateful and hungry. Nothing like a good breakfast to meet the day’s struggles.

On Friday on the library lawn, the programming board presented the “Chaminade + Carnival” portion of the week.  As students hiked up or down Kalaepohaku, they could take a respite on the library lawn and play carnival games, eat a free bento, have a bit of refreshment, and unwind momentarily. The fun sparked their plugs, and the food added fuel to their bodies.

The week’s activities kept the fun alive and provided a bit of sanity during the last week of school, thanks to CSPB members Jerri Francisco (chair), Jenny Rose Anacan, Chris Kanamu, Jana Lazarte, Melissa Ponce, and Angela Williams.