It was a great pleasure to hear from Dr. Jeffrey Yu, President and CEO of KinetiCor, an early stage medical device company currently focused on motion-correction technologies for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Its technology is useful for patients who are unable to control their movements during a scan.

Chris Ortiz and Dr. Jeffrey YuRequired by his parents to attend medical school, Dr. Yu discovered the need to follow his true passion. Interested in technology, Dr. Yu was highly encouraged by one of his close mentors to enroll at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, a top research and academic center. There, he succeeded finding his passion in radiology. In relevance to this experience, Dr. Yu stressed the importance of having a great mentor who can provide guidance in finding your passion.

Dr. Yu expanded his knowledge by learning about business. Working as a Diagnostic Radiologist at Queen’s Medical Center, Dr. Yu took the liability of learning everyone’s job, which gave him the insights on how to operate a successful business. Through this experience, Dr. Yu shares his lesson to never be afraid to hire people better than you. Know your own strengths and weaknesses.

He also applied his education and work experience to his current role at KinetiCor. He spoke about Technology Assessment and demonstrated KinetiCor’s mission of “improving the quality of medical imaging” by assisting in the innovation of Perceptive Motion Correction for MRI scan procedures.

Dr. Yu’s presentation showed that everything done in business, its products and services must have legs valuable for future need.


Written by: Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student, Christian Ortiz
Speaker Session with Dr. Jeffrey Yu 3/14/18