The Hogan Program had another memorable evening! This time, with guest speaker Anton Krucky, co-founder, President and General Manager of Tissue Genesis (TG), leading authority in adipose cell therapy and delivery systems.

Bo Dydasco and Anton KruckyTG’s technologies have flown on 18 space shuttle missions for NASA and are currently being used to treat patients in 6 human clinical trials here on Earth. TG strives to provide wealth within the community and to change lives through clinical trials such as muscle regeneration, cosmetics, and even research of the behavior of live tissues in a microgravity environment. TG also creates opportunity for Hawaii’s brightest.

The clear philanthropic values that underlie TG are phenomenal examples of the Hogan Entrepreneurs’ motto of “doing business things that make social sense, and doing social things that make business sense.”

Anton’s presentation was full of valuable life lessons and anecdotes. A few of which includes:

1. Thinking outside the box—create something outside of this world even if it’s something microscopically smaller than the world. Create rules that people want to play in.
2. Avoiding the paradigm blocker—don’t think you know it all. Keep your eyes open. Otherwise, you limit your potential to learn great things.
3. Finding your why—when you think of an idea, think of something that will give you energy.
4. Understanding servant leadership—leaders who push people up are the ones to follow. Sincerity sells. Listen well and care for your people.

He also shared with us the key elements to TG’s business plan which includes participating in high growth industry, choosing location that requires an institute of higher learning, protecting investments, and having sufficient capital.

Anton ended the session with the three steps to embarking into a new venture. First is to ask yourself, “what is it that you want to do?” Then, figure out what it is that you are willing to give up, and lastly, just do it!


Written by: Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student, Bonita Dydasco
Speaker Session with Anton Krucky