Dr. Rob Yonover and Lee Fujino

Dr. Rob Yonover (Founder & CEO of SEE/Rescue Corp.) and Lee Fujino (Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student)

It was a privilege to hear from Dr. Rob Yonover, founder and CEO of SEE/Rescue Corporation. He is a scientist and inventor of survival technologies used by the U.S. and foreign military. He is also a member of our Hogan Advisory Board and author of Hardcore Inventing: Invent, Protect, Promote, and Profit From Your Inventions and Brainstorm Islands: Invent to Survive.

Seeing the need for survival, Dr. Yonover came up with multiple inventions which include the RescueStreamer, LIFE/FLOAT technology, Emergency Supplemental Flotation System or PocketFloat, and the Emergency Pocket Water Desalinator. One of his upcoming inventions includes a water bicycle.

Dr. Yonover invents on simplicity, necessity, and survival. “The simpler the idea, the broader the patent.” His inventions will not only save lives but will also be protected by other companies that would try and copy his ideas. His main clienteles are the U.S. and foreign military, and one of his goals is to expand his inventions to civilians as Honecessary survival gears. The secret behind his success is his passion, and confidence in his products and brands.

Dr. Yonover also taught us to not be afraid to fail. As we embark on a journey and new ventures, we must keep in mind that great success comes with struggles and hardships.


Written by: Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student, Lee Fujino
Speaker Session with Robert Yonover 3/15/17