Over the past decade there has been a consistent increase in the number of students enrolling in graduate programs. For some it is a requirement in their job field. For others, it is the desire to earn more money, those with master’s degrees earn on average 23 percent more than those with bachelor’s degrees. Others are just looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. No matter the reason, making the decision to pursue an advanced degree means committing to more school and paying more tuition. It also means delaying entry into the workforce.

Imagine being able to complete both your bachelor’s and your master’s in only five years. Our new 4+1 Program does just that. This new program offers students the opportunity to obtain their bachelor’s and their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in just five years. Meaning, students save on a year of tuition and can enter the job force sooner.

“Although many students desire to or consider pursuing an advanced degree, they are often put off by the idea of an extra two years of school. For many students the option may not even be financially feasible,” says Education Dean, Dr. Dale Fryxell. “However, thanks to accelerated programs, like our new 4+1 Program, more students are able to pursue advanced degrees.”

Normally, deciding to pursue your master’s means committing to an additional two years of school. Students will often decide to enter the job force before returning to school to obtain their M.A. or M.S. With an accelerated program, such as our New 4+1 Program, students are not only able to complete their education quicker and enter the workforce sooner; they are starting their careers better prepared than many of their colleagues.

“An advanced degree is an asset to any person entering the job force,” says President, Dr. Lynn Babington. “It’s a way to stand out amongst the rest.”

The 4+1 Program allows students to pursue their undergraduate degree in any field, as long as they minor in Education. Once a student completes their undergraduate studies with their education minor, they will be eligible to apply for the MAT graduate Program and, thanks to this accelerated program, graduate with their master’s after only one year.


The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is part of Chaminade’s Division of Education. MAT includes these state-approved licensure programs: Elementary Education with Licensure, Secondary Education with Licensure (with an emphasis in Math, Science, English or Social Studies), Special Education, and Early Childhood Education with Licensure. Chaminade’s undergraduate and graduate education degree programs are accredited by the Hawai’i Teacher Standards Board. The Montessori Program is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and affiliated with the American Montessori Society.