Maya Rogers and Krys Romanczak

Maya Rogers (President and CEO of Blue Planet Software) and Krys Romanczak (Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student)

It was a privilege to hear from Ms. Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software, where she has led the worldwide business initiatives of the Tetris® brand since 2007. Her expertise encompasses game development, global licensing, brand management, merchandising, and IP enforcement. Prior to heading Tetris, she steered cross-culturalization and development efforts for Tetris Online China, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and American Honda. In addition, she co-founded Blue Startups in 2012 and serves as Partner. She was named Pacific Business News Women to Watch Honoree in 2016 and was selected as one of Hawaii Business Magazine’s 20 for the Next 20 in 2015.

Ms. Rogers provided Hogan students with motivation and inspiration. Through the use of her own daunting journeys and struggles, Ms. Rogers sheds light by revealing her inspirations within each journey. Her speech provided us with valuable lessons and advice to be used in both the business world and in life. She spoke of how a company can be successful with careful thought and consideration to the current market conditions. She shared with us stories about her non-traditional upbringing of being half Japanese in Japan yet still being considered an outsider to most. During her educational journey here in the United States, she was able to rediscover her roots and passion—automotive and gaming industries. Her focus, attention to detail, and inspirational messages left us awake, alert, and wanting more. She left us with this inspirational message: “Be yourself, and remember where you came from.”


Written by: Hogan Entrepreneurs Program student, Krys Romanczak
Speaker Session with Maya Rogers 2/15/17