Chaminade University graduate Adam Hoffman (BS Accounting ‘07, MBA ‘09) doesn’t worry about machines and artificial intelligence subjugating the human race. He’s convinced that as robots and automation become more sophisticated and commonplace, they’ll make our lives better – if we focus on the right things.

Adam Hoffman (BS Accounting ‘07, MBA ‘09)Hoffman and his team work with PartnerX Robotics, a manufacturing company in Shanghai, China. PartnerX created buzz at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by introducing a new line of robots focused on the early childhood education and retail markets. These products enable students to build and program robots using easy-to-assemble components.

In his role as Director of Platform Architect, Hoffman identifies new technologies and develops strategic partnerships from his home in Austin, Texas.

“Our mission is to demystify robotics,” Hoffman explained, so parents “have confidence in their child’s ability to adapt to the technology. Our purpose is to make as many people comfortable with the transition as we possibly can.”

Working with PartnerX was a big move for Hoffman, but his Chaminade MBA and a five-week trip to China with the Hogan Entrepreneurs Program gave him confidence to pursue an international career.

“We are living in a very special time,” Hoffman said. “Exponential growth in hardware, software and connectivity are changing how information and data are being shared.” And these amazing technological advances, he said, are producing “a rise in consciousness.”

“We are becoming more aware, we are moving into our heart space,” Hoffman said. “I believe it is important to live in the present moment and be in alignment with your heart and mind. It is important to feel good!”

Looking back at his college days, Hoffman noted that he won a scholarship to Chaminade while attending Archbishop Riordan High School, a Marianist institution in San Francisco. Chaminade’s intimate atmosphere was a selling point.

“The connection you get with your Chaminade professors in small class settings is truly priceless,” Hoffman said. “From that experience, these are not only my professors and mentors, but my good friends I still stay in contact with.”

Hoffman’s career advice for future graduates? Don’t be afraid of failure.

“Get yourself outside of your comfort zones, be willing to put yourself on the line,” he counseled. “It’s OK not to have all the answers, but just keep pushing, keep innovating, keep evolving.

“We are entering a very interesting space,” he pointed out.. “Never settle.”


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