Established in 2002, Na Liko Na’auao is an undergraduate conference which celebrates student scholars from across all academic disciplines.

Hosted by the Office of Health Professions Advising and Undergraduate Research, students participating in the conference deliver academic presentations showcasing a project from the past year through oral and/or visual presentations. A conference which celebrates all student scholars, students may present research projects as well as creative work in both visual and performing arts.

2018 Na Liko Na'auaoDuring this year’s event, President Dr. Lynn Babington, defined a scholar as “A person with a desire to pursue and learn new things; a person on a quest for knowledge and a dedication to learning.” By not focusing on one academic discipline Na Liko Na’auao gives all student scholars an opportunity to present their work in a formal setting and receive feedback from both faculty and other scholars within their field.

Projects presented at this year’s conference covered a wide range of academic disciplines and topics. Some of the presentations included “Zombie Transformable Safe House” by Helen Oclinaria, “Loving the Idea of Her: Fincher’s Feminist Film” by Madison McNamara, “Psychological Disorders as Grounds for Mitigation in Criminal Sentencing” by Michael Junker, and “Hawaiian Healing and Healers” by Cong Nguyen, Claire Hermosura, Haylee Bennett, Laura Hufano-Kravetz and Diamond Carter. The conference allows both individual and group projects to be presented.

Every year, after all the student scholars have presented their work, Na Liko Na’auao concludes with a presentation of certificates and awards. Given annually, the President Sue Wesselkamper Prize recognizes and encourages student scholarship.  The President Sue Wesselkamper Prize represents and helps build the tradition of the Na Liko Na’auao student conference.

In order to qualify for the prize a student must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, show scholarship beyond classroom requirements by undertaking their own independent research or study, and must have presented their work both on and off campus. Students must have a record of community service and hold leadership roles at the university.

2018 Na Liko Na'auao

Jarresa Kiyoko Harris was this year’s recipient of the President Sue Wesselkamper Prize. As a community volunteer and multi-cultural leader on campus, Harris was recognized for her outstanding work both on and off campus. During this year’s conference she presented her study “Exploring the Zone of Uncertainty Between Friendship and Romantic Relationships in Undergraduate Students.” She also presented this study at the 2018 National Council on Undergraduate Research in Oklahoma and Chaminade University’s 4th Annual Psychology Students Research Conference.

The President Sue Wesselkamper Prize was not only created to recognize outstanding student scholars, but the faculty members that mentor and guide the students here at Chaminade. “It’s about the close relationship between our faculty and our students both in the classroom and, judging from this wonderful work, outside the classroom,” said Babington. This relationship is part of the foundation at Chaminade University.

This year’s President Sue Wesselkamper Prize recognized Dr. Eva Washburn-Repello. Dr Washburn-Repello nominated Harris and mentored her throughout her years at Chaminade University.

2018 Na Liko Na'auao

Honoring the close student faculty relationships formed at Chaminade, the President Mackey Prize is an annual award presented to an outstanding faculty mentor, nominated by a student participating at the conference.

Nominated by Chole Adrienna Talana, this year’s President Mackey Prize was awarded to Dr. Michael Weichhaus. In her nomination submission Talana wrote, “Dr Weichhaus is an outstanding professor and mentor. He is a true educator who exemplifies a high level of commitment to teaching. Not only is he a good source of knowledge, he is very passionate in guiding students towards their career aspirations.


Na Liko Na’auao is presented by the Office of Health Professions Advising and Undergraduate Research. It is an undergraduate conference featuring students from all disciplines, who deliver academic presentations showcasing their projects in their related work to research in their field and creative work in the visual and performing arts. Students are sponsored by a faculty member and present the results of their original work in oral and/or poster presentations before their peers, faculty, and the public.